List of top 10 universities in US 2018

List of top 10 universities in US 2018


Hey monks in these article we gonna discus list of top universities in us 2018.Which are currently trending based on the ranking produced by  the Times and the Guardian  other websites rankings.Us became the major hub for the best universities for various graduate and undergraduate programs.



The need of ranking is to alert the appliers and undergraduates . The following list is based on the various criteria,  various programs offering by the universities.

                                    LIST OF TOP 10 UNIVERSITIES IN US 2018;

S.NO                         UNIVERSITY NAME                                      LOCATION

1          Massachusetts institute of technology                       Massachusetts

2         Stanford university                                                            Stanford California

3         Harvard University                                                            Cambridge Massachusetts

4        California institute of technology                                  California

5        University of Chicago                                                          Chicago

6        Princeton university                                                           Princeton

7        Yale university                                                                      New Haven 

8        Cornell university                                                                Ithaca ,New York

9        Johns Hopkins university                                                 Baltimore, Maryland

10      university of Pennsylvania                                                Philadelphia

the above list is based on the following criteria

                                        LIST OF TOP UNIVERSITIES IN US 2018 

. The job offer by the completion of degree

.Availability of  research laboratories in campus

.Maintenance of students and faculty ratio

.Student satisfaction

.Entry standard

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