clash royale 2.2.4 mod apk download

August 14, 2018 0 By admin

clash royale 2.2.4 mod apk download; The multi-player online battle arena subgenre has boomed in popularity due to the industry’s growing esports scene, clash royale has been trending in news papers,magazines,television and social media in recent times ,recently clash royale crossed  10 million daily active  users ,even google trends showing its rising popularity among gamers  . clash royale came from the market of famous game developers supercell. clash royale apk is updating over the period so now its added its night mode ,first player ,and your looking to play the game you should follow this guide to install  the latest clash royale 2.2.4 mod apk download.

Download clash royale 2.2.4 mod apk 

clash royale 2.2.4 mod apk download for PC Laptop windows(7/8/8.1/10/xp/vista/ios/mac)

clash royale 2.2.4 mod apk download;  the crew of clash royale is now focusing on delivering the original Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds PC version’s core excitement to mobile, optimizing the user interface so that mobile players can play as intended. in this version they given special attention to  controls and optimization to give players a smooth, intuitive and immersive experience.

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How to Download clash royale 2.2.4 mod apk

  • Download the APK from this link  apk 2.2.4
  • Go to security settings of your phone and then click on  “Enable Installation From Unknown Sources”
  • Using the file explorer of your phone locate the downloaded clash royale 2.2.3 APK file. Tap on it and Install it.
  • just do the formality its ask.
  • then wait till the file downloads
  • enjoy the game with the clash royale 2.2.4 mod apk download


Features of clash royale 2.2.4 mod apk download

  • View weapons in the Armory
  •  Pistols now get their own UI
  • fragmentation grenade.
  • the hit new effects and animation.
  • increased the damage coefficient of sub machine guns, shotguns on limbs, hands, and feet
  • Event Past system
  • third map, Sanhokwill be much smaller
  • The new map is 4 km by 4 km.

this is the complete guide to install clash royale 2.2.4 mod apk download still having problems relating to this article comment in below section an enjoy the latest version of  clash royale 2.2.4 mod apk download.